[Sora 视频]我非常兴奋地要揭示与OpenAI合作的一...


我非常兴奋地要揭示与OpenAI合作的一项真正开创性的事物,这是使用Sora技术展示故事叙述未来的一瞥。🌟 在这个预告片中,我们探索了一个超越现实的平行世界,想象力的边界被拓展,让我梦想中的一些生物得以栩栩如生。你所看到的不是传统的影片🎞️,而是最前沿的人工智能生成视频技术的结果,模糊了现实与幻想之间的界限。我尝试将我的作品扎根于一些比较熟悉的东西,比如动物,但同时也融入了目前在生物学上不可能存在的东西,🧬这些混合生物。随着我们迈入这个新时代,我理解人们对我们创意产业快速演变的担忧。我真的觉得Sora提供了一种不同的视觉画布,拓展了我的创作可能性,与我不同的创作技艺相辅相成。我一直是一个独立的创意工作室,所以我在创作上存在固有的限制。有了Sora,我觉得我能够以前所未有的规模讲述故事。作为一个早期的艺术家,继续与Sora合作,我承诺会谨慎考虑它的深远影响。我将继续以教育和创意的方式分享关于它的知识。我觉得我们正在🔓开启一个我们以前从未能够共同想象的创意叙事新时代!保持好奇,保持创造力!!!

Original Prompt:

I’m so excited to unveil something truly groundbreaking in collaboration with openai a glimpse into the future of storytelling with sora technology. 🌟 in this trailer, we explore a parallel world beyond our reality, where the boundaries of imagination are expanded, bringing to life a few creatures i have dreamed up. what you’re seeing is not traditional footage 🎞️ but the result of cutting-edge ai-generated video technology that blurs the lines between reality & fantasy. i tried to ground my outputs in something kind of familiar like animals, but also something that was currently impossible in biology, 🧬 these hybrid creatures. as we step into this new era, i understand the apprehension surrounding the rapid evolution of our creative industries. i really think sora offers a different kind of visual canvas, expanding my creative possibilities and complementing my different creative crafts. i have always been a one-person creative studio , so there were inherent limits to what i could create alone. with sora i feel i can tell stories at a scale i didn’t think was possible before. as i continue to be an early artist, working with sora, i promise to be mindful of its profound impact. i will continue to share knowledge about it in an educational, creative capacity. i feel like we are unlocking 🔓 a new era of creative storytelling that we have never been able to imagine collectively before! stay curious and creative!!!



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